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Example of Motivation Letter for Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله رب العالمين وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه وسلم

This is an example of my original writing about motivation letter for AAS (Australia Awards Scholarships) that I wrote it last month. Even though actually to apply AAS we don't have to make motivation latter, but we should write four essays to answer four questions. You can use this example for other scholarships.

Example of Motivation Letter for Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)
Example of Motivation Letter for Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

Motivation Letter

Economics has a big impact on every single side of life. If the economy is down, education, health, and safety will be affected. The reality that I saw several years ago in my father's village which named Desa Baru, a small village in South Barito Regency brought me to make a planning to continue my study in the economics field. The society lived on unclear income, high and low water in the river influenced their income. The village also famous in the production of a Rotan tree, that can use to make many things. However, because there are no other buyers, the only buyer plays the price. Whenever he up the price, and whenever he down the price.

In my previous university, Islamic University of Madinah, at a bachelor's degree, we studied general each faculty. I studied at Islamic Law Faculty. The specialization will begin from a master's degree, and Islamic Economics is one of the courses provided under Islamic Law Faculty. I studied hard about basic economics for selection, unfortunately, I am didn't accept. From around 175 candidates who did a test in Master of Islamic Economics, only 15 students accepted and I was the 22nd.

After that until now, I never bury my dream to continue my study in the Economics field. It is right that in my city Palangka Raya there is a State University that provides a Master of Economics. However, when I checked the list of the subject, there were no Econometrics which is the compulsory subject in every best world university that provide Economics Courses. Whether the course the committee thinks it is not an important subject or there is no qualified lecturer to teach this subject. I think the second is correct, it is because, even on other economics subjects, some of the lecturers those who tech do not have an economics background. This is quality of State University in the central city, how about Private universities in regencies and villages?

These are two reasons why I want to continue my master degree in Economics field, I want to learn about Economics Development and Econometrics subjects in Australian University which some of them being the best university in the world. I know this is not easy. I need to learn English first since I studied a bachelor's degree using full Arabic. Luckily now I got an IELTS certificate with band 5.5 after took 6 months IELTS Preparation in English Village Pare, Kediri, East Java.

Now I apply for the Australia Awards Scholarships as an effort to make my dream to study Master of Economics becomes real. I choose The University of Queensland because the course provides foundation subjects, which are suitable for me who do not have a strong basis of the economics science. So, I can learn economics from its basic. Hopefully, the commites of AAS give me a priority, since in LPDP (Indonesian Ministry of Finance Scholarship) my province Central Borneo was the lowest student accepted. From a total of 4671 students being accepted, only 5 from Central Borneo Province as the lowest compare to the other 33 provinces. I don't know exactly the reason, it could be because of low motivation or the quality of students who cannot compete with students from the other 33 provinces.

Palangka Raya, June 20, 2020

Ahmad Bilal Almagribi

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